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It seems as if we are racing fast toward the finish line - the finish line being the grand opening of Cars Land and the rest of the re-imagined Disney California Adventure!

As with any large project completion, the marketing also gets put into high gear! That is certainly the case for Cars Land as Disneyland has started their marketing of the new Land with the creation of the Car-norails.

These modified monorails now have personalities (as seen in their new faces) and even their own names - Mandy is blue, Mona is orange, and Manny is red. How they got these names? We have no clue, but there you go!

Be sure to catch them racing around the Disneyland Resort right now!

Cars Land, along with the rest of the re-imagined DCA will open to the public on June 15, but follow DisneyExaminer on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and Tumblr for our coverage of the grand opening events two days before beginning on June 13!

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